“Gulf European” participates in the exhibition Sial Paris

The SIAL Paris exhibition for food industries was launched yesterday and continues for days. SIAL is the only global event for food industry companies from all over the world.

This year, SIAL will be held at the exhibition grounds in the French capital Paris. The most important feature of this exhibition is the meeting of the food industry world wide to exchange solutions today and tomorrow to meet the challenges of this industry for the next thirty years.

During the exhibition, exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products to more than 160,000 specialized visitors from all over the world.
Sial Paris is an integral part of the SIAL exhibition network, the world’s largest network of food and beverage industry exhibitions. The network includes eight regular exhibitions (Sial Paris, Sial Canada, Montreal, Toronto, Sial China, Sial Middle East and Sial Intervood, Jakarta, India delegations) in New Delhi. From Sial). The network attracts 14,535 exhibitors and 359,800 visitors from 194 countries every two years.

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